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Volunteer – Children & Family Advisory 家庭兒童咨詢小組志願者

Give your advice on children, family and youth issues in Vancouver by being a part of a civic advisory committee!

The City of Vancouver is looking for volunteers of all ages for positions on the Children, Youth and Families Committee which provides leadership and advice on issues, programs and resources in the city for families, children and youth. Children, youth and adults can all apply.

Volunteering for the Children, Youth and Families Advisory Committee would mean:

Attending an orientation session or two.
Working with other people of all ages to learn about different City programs and services, and giving advice on how to improve them.
Coming to about eight 2-hour meetings a year at City Hall.
Spending 1 to 2 hours more a month to prepare for meetings and do other work.
* IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS or want to fill out the form with us on the phone:
email: info@vancouveryouth.ca
call (9am to 5pm): Spencer (604.873.7005) or Julianna (604-871-6212)

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