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Monday/Wednesday Classes

Laurier School    English 4/5/6         9:00am to 11:30amLaurier School    

English 1/2/3        12:20pm to 2:50pm

  • All classes run from Feb 2 or 3 to June 17 or 18
  • Level 1 students must have very basic reading skills and understand basic English
  • Level 6 students are preparing for Grade 10 English
  • Classes are open to Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents and Refugees only – no international work visas
  • Reading and writing assessments will be required of new students
  • A $20 course fee will apply

Tuesday/Thursday Classes

Moberly School     English 1/2/3/4      9:00am to 11:30am

Renfrew School     English 1/2/3/4      9:00am to 11:30am

Selkirk Annex        English 1/2/3/4      9:15am to 11:45am

Nightingale School English 1/2/3/4/5   12:30pm to 3:00pm

Fleming School      English 1/2/3/4      12:45pm to 3:15pm

Downtown East Education Centre

101 Powell StreetVancouver, BC  V6A 1G2

Phone:  604-713-5764Fax:  604-713-5761


Laura Pasut/Outreach Worker                             David Morita/Principal

604-713-5764                                                          604-713-5760

lpasut@vsb.bc.com                                                  dmorita@vsb.bc.com

Vancouver Elementary School Location

Fleming                   1401 E. 49th Ave (49th and Knight)

Laurier                     7350 Laurel St. ( between Cambie and Oak at 57th)

Moberly                   1000 E. 59th Ave (between Main and Fraser)

Nightingale             2740 Guelph St ( near Kinsway and E. 12th Ave)

Renfrew                   3315 E. 22nd Ave (and Rupert)

Selkirk Annex        4444 Dumfries St (near 29th and Knight)

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