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父母作为职业教练 Parents as Career Coaches

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时间:2013年4月3日和10日下午6:30 – 晚上9:30
地点:Churchill 丘吉尔中学(W 57街 和Heather St,温哥华)


这次研讨会是由 Capillano 大学合作提供的。如果你看一下下面的链接,将有助于你了解更多的信息。. . How to help your Grade 11 or 12 student explore Careers. If your child is in grade 11 or 12, this is a great workshop that is offered for parents.




温市教育局中文版- Chinese info (VSB)

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有关幼儿园申请、学校申请资料和学生英语班需知,请到 查阅有关详情!

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Talk Capital Planning with Us 2012 至 2014 年基建財務計劃草案

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The Capital Plan is the City’s financial plan to invest in our city’s infrastructure – in water pipes, sidewalks, libraries, community centres, fire halls, affordable housing, parks, street trees, vehicles, technology and more. For more info:

這基建計劃是溫哥華投資在本市基建設施的財務規劃﹐欲瞭解更多, 請瀏覽  或電話聯絡:311

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