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Chinese Youth Video Contest 华人青少年視頻比赛(奖学金)– B.C. Responsible and Problem Gambling Program (BC RGPG)

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Scholarship will be provided for selected YouTube video.  contact Audrie (SWIS) if you have questions and want to attend.  Click here for more information –  Youtube video poster (2)



青少年领袖训练 + 义工机会 NOW BC

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Youth Ambassador training: This has been an annual event on welcoming new comers before Sept.  This has been a meaningful experience for new many families.  You will be trained to help with the planning and delivery of NOWBC including the design and facilitation of games and activities for newcomer youth in particular. These games and activities will help newcomer youth become familiar with Canada, Vancouver schools, the ELL system as well as basic school integration such as packing a lunch and using a locker. Click Here for more info –  Calling Youth Leaders NOW 2015 Fillable PDF    please contact Audrie (SWIS) if you are interested!  Deadline is extended.


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VSB在线学习也有安排免费暑期班给本地学生,有关信息 –

Youth Leadership Training 青少年领袖训练

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Youth Leadership at Kits House Tuesdays Through: Mar 25, 2014 — Grow into a community leader! Geared towards Westside youth ages 14-17. The program builds leadership and teamwork skills.

家访型式幼儿教导 HIPPY

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Are you a newcomer to Canada having a PR number?

Do you have a 3 or 4 year old child?

Do you want your child to succeed in school?

Are you willing to spend 15 minutes a day with your child? 

If yes, HIPPY is just for you!

Weekly in-home support and training from a Home Visitor

Children’s books and lesson packets to teach your child at home

Group meetings and talks based on your interest and needs

Participating in your child’s education and personal development

Helping you to teach your pre-schooler at home

When your child enters kindergarten he/she will be ready to succeed

Parents and children learn and grow together

Interested?  Contact  Alba Correa  (604.254.9626 ext. 228)

温哥华免费活动Free Vancouver Activities

December 7, 2013 2 comments

Canadian Fitness Connection 新移民运动小组-Downtown

November 23, 2013 Leave a comment
It’s a 12 week course with workshops and fitness activities to help new immigrants get healthier while also learning more about Canadian cultures and systems. Participants also receive a free 12 week YMCA membership while in the program. The program takes place on Saturday afternoons here at the Robert Lee YMCA. Participants should be Permanent Residents.
The next course is for men and women and is starting on Saturday January 4. Applicants have to complete and send back an application form to me – accessed here-
There are 20 spaces on the course. The first spaces are for immigrants who have been in Canada for the shortest period of time. The course is taught in English- CLB 3 and above is recommended.
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